What is SEO Conversion?

What is SEO Conversion?

(And Why You Should Never Hire an SEO Pro That Doesn’t Have An SEO Conversion Plan)

An SEO professional will have the expertise to improve your placement on search engine results pages over time. With some patience, you might see some impressive results. Your traffic can increase massively.

When most business owners have finished congratulating each other, however, they realize that increased traffic does not necessarily mean increased sales. Whether you have boosted your traffic or acquired more targeted traffic, you then need to get those new visitors to take the actions that you desire.

A conversion rate is a way of measuring how many visitors perform a desired action on a website. An SEO pro will get you more traffic from the right sources, but he or she will be a lot more valuable to you if his or her work includes getting people to interact more with your site.

If your site is not converting prospects into leads and leads into customers, then it’s not working for you. To improve conversion rates, an SEO professional may tweak aspects of your site design, content, or other areas of your campaign, turning more prospects into leads.

The desired action that a visitor fulfills on your page might be downloading a lead magnet, clicking a particular ad, creating an account, or commenting on a blog post. The action is up to you, but the percentage of visitors who go ahead and do it, gives you your conversion rate.

Does Your Conversion Rate Need to be Improved?

To figure out the conversion rate of your site, or a particular landing page, look at the number of desired actions taking place divided by the total number of unique sessions or users.

Depending on whether your users can only convert once or they can convert every session, divide the number of actions by the number of sessions or the number of users.

Note that conversation rates differ according to industry, so don’t set yourself an arbitrary conversion goal. Consider your industry and the competition. And seek to improve your conversation rates incrementally.

If your conversion rate is 10% or above, you are likely to be doing well by comparison with most other websites. If you’re looking at a conversion rate of around 2 or 3%, however, you might want your SEO professional to pay particular attention to getting users to engage with your site.

A Caveat About Conversion Rates

Converting prospects into leads is less valuable if those leads are less qualified. If your potential SEO professional is attempt to blind you with impressive figures but isn’t saying anything about the quality of your traffic and leads, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

If you want to make more sales, you or your SEO pro need to do some homework. Getting quality leads allows you to focus your efforts and saves time and money. Using SEO to attract your ideal audience will help you generate better leads. This will give you better ROI for your efforts.

SEO and CRO go hand in hand. An SEO specialist should have SEO conversion skills, because information gathered during conversion rate optimization (CRO) feeds into SEO strategies and tactics.

With a professional who understands SEO and CRO, your business will be able to achieve more trusting relationships and better experiences for your users. Click here to get started with an ideal balance between SEO and CRO.

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