What is Contact Marketing?

Contact Marketing is a phrase coined by famed cartoonist Stu Heinicke in his book “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone,” released in April 2016. The premise is that companies and individuals have the opportunity to boost sales by targeting individual contacts, and creating marketing campaigns directed solely at them.

In his book, Stu Heinicke explains how, when he was starting out, he sent personalized cartoons to a list of a dozen prospects he wanted to draw cartoons for. The campaign cost him under $100 and the time it took to do the cartoons – not very long at all. The result was a career in cartooning worth millions of dollars, and contact marketing was born.

Heinicke believes this tactic isn’t just for cartoonists or salespeople. It’s for anyone who needs to get someone’s attention – particularly if they are otherwise difficult to get hold of.


Contact Marketing could be described as the cousin of Account Based Marketing (ABM). The difference between Contact Marketing and Account Based Marketing is that the contact-based variety focuses on specific contacts, while ABM goes after specific accounts and all of the relevant contacts associated with them.

The core aim of these strategies is the same – to get attention, at least at the first phase of the sales funnel.

The second phase is to secure a phone call or meeting, but after that the two strategies part ways. A contact marketing strategy will only take you up to the point where you have secured a meeting. Now you are on your own as to whether you pitch successfully to your contact.

With account based marketing, you are offered a wider variety of tools and tactics to push accounts further down the sales funnel, given that most B2B sales have longer sales cycles – some go on for years. As such, purchasing organizations require a much lengthier and thorough degree of consideration.

With contact marketing, after the first or second meeting, it will be obvious whether there is a possibility of your contact becoming a business partner, employer, investor, or whatever it is you would like them to become.


To learn more about Contact Marketing, or securing a meeting with anyone – try reading Stu’s book, available at all major booksellers. Or, speak to an agency with expertise in crafting Contact Marketing campaigns. That way, you will have proven strategies that work first time – saving you time and budget.

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