What are Social Insights?

If you have a web presence, you should have a social media presence, too. The need to track metrics extends to your social media accounts! Social media analytics, or social insights, let you know more about your social media followers so that you can tailor your marketing for success.

Some Examples of Social Insights

Most major social networks that allow business accounts have built-in analytics programs. On Twitter, for example, the analytics dashboard shows statistics, like how many followers you have increased or decreased in the past month, as well as social media mentions, profile visits, and engagement. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have similar setups.

One of the main things to look for in social insights is engagement. This shows where users are interacting with your posts and links, which should be feeding them back to your main website.

How to Use Social Insights

Having a positive social media presence helps build up your brand and reach people on a more personal level. By keeping track of your social insights, you can see what content is working. Replicate it, augment it, and promote it to keep your ideal audience engaged with your business.

If people seem to like a certain topic or type of post — for example, videos, tutorials, or real-life examples of people using a product or service — you can provide more of that content to please your visitors and encourage engagement.

You can also use social insights to ensure that your company’s social media base is growing. To be successful, you will want to expose your products and/or services to new people. Having an increasing number of followers and fans allows you to do exactly that.

Many social media platforms have changed their algorithms so that people are more likely to see content that their friends have engaged with. To make the most of this “word of mouth,” you need an active and interactive user base.

Finally, social insights can show you how people are accessing your content. Mobile is huge, and still growing. Many people are accessing social media platforms via devices rather than desktop computers. If you see that a lot of users are accessing your social pages on mobile devices, tailor your design, and your content, to suit the needs of people using mobile. Don’t exclude what might be a significant segment of your audience.

When you are analyzing data, don’t leave out social media. You can learn a lot about your customers, your potential customers, and your business by examining social insights.

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