Why Your Website Needs to Have a Security Certificate

Google Search Listings Will Warn Users If Your Site is Unsecured

Google has been gradually increasing its crackdown on unsecured sites. If your site collects passwords or credit card information and remains HTTP, you may already have seen the warnings that appear to visitors, telling them that the site is not secure.

From 18 October 2017, HTTP sites viewed in Chrome will no longer appear neutral, but will appear with a red triangle and an exclamation mark. This means that more than half of internet users will see these warnings when interacting with unsecured websites.

Red triangles and exclamation marks do not send a good message to site visitors. Google will also show a warning in search engine results pages.

If your site has HTTPS, however, you don’t need to do anything. The S in HTTPS refers to security. If you don’t have HTTPS, or you’re not sure, take action now.

What are Secured Sites and Why Do We Need Them?

Standard HTTP sites can be modified by intruders before you see them. These intruders can impersonate official sites very effectively. They may do so to serve their own adverts to you, or perhaps to trick you and other users into downloading malware.

Intruders love opportunities to exploit unprotected resources between websites and users. HTTP sites make this possible. When you use an unsecured website, intruders can read information between you and a web server, meaning that they can study your internet usage and pick up private and sensitive information, including passwords.

Understandably, a lot of web traffic is turning to HTTPs, which is good news for the security and privacy of internet users.

HTTPS also offers better performance and ensures readiness for more modern and developing functionality, such as geolocation, which requires use of the stricter permissions demanded by HTTPS.

How to Make Your Site Secure

To avoid this new ‘penalty’ from Google, change the HTTP to HTTPS by enabling HTTPS on your servers. You’ll need to add an SSL certificate to your site.

MetroCreate can take care of upgrading your site security before Google’s update. This way, you won’t be one of those businesses whose customers start clicking elsewhere when they are warned that the site is not unsecured.

MetroCreate can make sure that you are ready when the update happens and that you enjoy all the current and future advantages of HTTPS. Click here to get started adding the SSL certificate to your site.

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