How Does Traditional Marketing Fit in with the Wave of Digital Marketing

Since traditional marketing is anything you might use to promote your brand or logo that is not digital, it’s worth remembering that this includes the work you do to connect with other people in person, such as attending conferences or even spreading the word about your product and service by word of mouth. There will always be a place for this kind of marketing for most people.

Digital marketing, however, cannot be ignored. It dominates the marketing world via social media, your website, online directories, Facebook and banner ads, and YouTube videos, and much more.

While there are many differences between the two types of marketing, the marketer’s role is to choose the appropriate techniques to spread the word to the target audience.


Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing spending has climbed steadily year on year in the retail industry, while traditional marketing spending has dropped off consistently. Here are some of the prime reasons for rise of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

  • it is easier to track the results and determine ROI
  • you can reach an infinite audience; as long as people have the means to connect to the internet, they are your potential customers.
  • it is possible to target specific types customers and tailor your marketing message to them. For example, it is possible to have your message seen according to your ideal customer’s age, gender, interests, location, and more, all at once.
  • digital marketing can be interactive; people not only see your brand, but they can engage with your company via such means as customer reviews, polls, and comments on social networks and blogs. This is a great way for a company to receive feedback.
  • marketing via digital means is typically more cost-effective than traditional marketing.


Traditional marketing remains a powerful means of marketing and advertising. Billboards, for example, can have a massive audience with the right message in the right location. Traditional marketing can be excellent for spreading the message to a local audience. More and more marketers, however, have seen that traditional marketing lacks measurable results, interactivity, and cost-effectiveness that is inherent in digital marketing.

The fact is that consumers are using digital technology more than ever. In the digital age, it makes sense for marketers to reach consumers by investing in digital campaigns.

Marketers should not ignore traditional advertising, which can still be very effective, particularly in a local area, and when networking face-to-face, but marketers would be wise to embrace the power of digital marketing to compete and to reach a targeted audience, whether that audience is local or global.

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