Tips for Measuring ROI with Print Advertising

Despite what you may have heard from digital advertisers, print advertising is not dead. Just look around and you’ll see that traditional forms of advertising have not disappeared. Print advertising can be a valuable part of a wider marketing campaign that also includes digital advertising.

One of the problems with print advertising is that marketers find it tricky to measure the ROI. Digital marketing is fantastic for keeping marketers in control of their spending and giving them the ability to see what is working.

It’s not all lost, however. Here are some tips for measuring ROI with print advertising, which might make print more appealing to you again.

Create Custom Contact Information

Use a unique URL and/or phone number in your print advertising. When you start receiving calls or traffic to that URL, you’ll know that it was a result of your print advertising.

It is not expensive to purchase vanity URLs and numbers for this purpose and they are easy to track.

Use Discount and Coupon Codes

Not only is offering a discount a great way to turn curiosity into leads or customers, but you can use them to track how many people saw the ad and acted on it. Anyone using that specific code will have seen the print advert.

Measure Web Traffic

Use a digital method to measure the effectiveness of print ads? Well, yes. You know the average amount of traffic your website receives. If you run your print ad in isolation – i.e. without an accompanying digital campaign or other drive – you’ll see an increase in web traffic. From this data, you can make a fair estimation of how many people your print ad brought in.


There have been so many advances in technology – and there is so much technology – that people often forget the simple, direct, straightforward approach. In this case, that means asking your customers how they heard about you. You can do it over the phone or via an online contact form or poll.

Asking how people found your business is a great way to gather information about the effectiveness of your marketing as a whole. It can also be used as a way to engage with the lead or customer. Win-win.

It’s not all lost. You can measure the ROI of your print ad. And you can use multiple methods to get an even better picture.

As a marketer, stay creative. Don’t turn your back on traditional advertising nor shun the latest advances.

Get started to learn what blend of marketing methods make sense for your business and your target audience.

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