Tips for Growing Your Brand Audience with YouTube

According to YouTube’s statistics, the site receives around 900,000,000 unique visits per month.

More and more businesses are catching onto the fact that video allows them to engage with their audience on a personal level. Video is also very effective when it comes to showing how your business is different to all the others offering similar products and services.

If your business is on YouTube, that’s a great start. Here are some tips for maximizing your reach and growing your brand audience.


Thinking ahead is key

Just because you’re using the medium of video doesn’t mean that you can forget about keywords. Perform keyword research as you would when creating a text-based blog post. Use those keywords in your video and in your video description.


Get it in writing

Make a transcript of your entire video and post it on the relevant webpage. Your site will benefit from Google’s indexing for all those keywords that you are targeting.


Keep your viewers viewing

For an entertainment video, 1 to 3 minutes is ideal. Informational posts can be longer, but make sure to grab your viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. Pay particular attention to the use of storytelling techniques, such as using a hook, a conflict to be resolved, or a gimmick to keep your audience enthralled.


Use annotations

Through the use of clickable annotations, you can link your video to your other videos. Alternatively, you can use annotations to drive people to a landing page. Include an annotation that is a call-to-action suggesting that people subscribe.


Share and share a ‘like’

Promoting your YouTube videos effectively will help you build your audience. Build links to your videos across social media by sharing several times a week on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Shares lead to better rankings for your videos, which lead to more shares.

Don’t forget to share your videos on social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and StumbleUpon.


Embed the video on your site

After about a week of uploading your YouTube video, embed the video on your site and go through the sharing process again.

On your blog, make use of a subscription widget asking for signups. Use a graphic for maximum effect, whether you want people to sign up or watch more videos.



Engaging with your audience attracts more followers. It can also improve your perceived authority and generate more shares.

Engaging means replying to blog comments promptly and courteously. Demonstrate what your business stands for in your replies. It also means asking questions, checking out other videos, and leaving comments. Growing your brand audience means being an active part of a community.


Get started to learn more about how to use YouTube to market your business and the most effective ways to grow your audience.


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