Social Media Advertising Conversion Tips

It would be nice if you could create content, share it, and have people buy your products. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, at least not that simply. Fortunately, we have social media advertising, and here are some social media advertising conversion tips that will have your customers eating out of the palm of your hand.

Don’t be put off my the word advertising. Nor having people eat out of the palm of your hand. The former doesn’t need to have a big budget. And the latter is just a figure of speech.

The first thing you need to do, is to stop thinking:

  1. Create.
  2. Share.
  3. Wait for money to roll in.

For better success, your process ought to be somewhat longer. Don’t worry. The results will be worth it. It should look more like this:

  1. Create – make your content original, unique, relevant, and high quality. This is key to increasing conversions.
  2. Share – don’t just share on one social network. Use multiple, relevant social networks to increase the number of people seeing your content.
  3. Promote – now you create paid, social media ads, but only to promote your top content. If you want to increase conversions, you need to be selective here.
  4. Build Your Remarketing Audience – do this by tagging visitors with a cookie.
  5. Narrow – apply demographic and psychographic filters to your audience. If you’re using Facebook, for example, use its advertising filters to target people who have interests that match your offering, people who can afford to pay for it and, if necessary, those who live in the relevant location.
  6. Remarket – using social ads and display ads, push things like sign-ups, downloads, and consultations to people who have previously visited your website.
  7. Convert – Capture qualified leads or sales.
  8. Back to step 1.

Steps 4 and 6 are particularly interesting. Remarketing means marketing to people who have previously visited your website. You tag them with a cookie and use something like Facebook ads to deliver custom ads to them. In this case, we’re talking about people who visited, but did not convert.

By remarket to these visitors, you are engaging with people who are already familiar with you, your product or service. They’ve been to your site, which means they probably wanted something you have to offer.

On average, social media remarketing can boost engagement 3 times. It can double your conversions. It can also cut costs, because a very targeted audience means that you get cheaper traffic.


Get started to learn more about remarketing and the smart way to deliver content that boosts your engagement and increases conversions.

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