How to Sell Advertising Space in Your Email Newsletter

It’s no secret that having your own mailing list is key to the success of your business and controlling that success. What is less talked about is the fact that you can sell advertising in your email newsletter.

Of all the ways to make money from your email list, advertising is somewhat neglected. You can, however, turn your number one marketing tool into a cash generation machine. At the same time – by working with the right advertisers and applying the principles of modern marketing – you provide your audience with great value and exclusive offers.

To sell ads in your email newsletter, you need to have three things covered.


  1. A Big Enough Email List

For a fair income, it would be ideal to have 10,000 subscribers or more, but you can start with 2,500. Most advertisers are attracted to an email list with subscribers running into five figures, as this makes advertising worthwhile to them.

Advertisers will talk in CPM, which is Cost Per Thousand Impressions.


  1. A Good Open- and Click-Through Rate

Research the average open rate and click-through rate for your industry. If your figures are average or better, than you can feel confident about seeking advertisers. If your figures are lower, this does not mean you can not advertise, but it does suggest that you should price your space lower.

There are various things you can do to improve your open rate and clickthrough rate, including refocusing on your headlines, personalizing your messages, tweaking your mailing regularity, frequency, and timing, and improving the quality of your content.


  1. Great Content

This means writing about topics that your audience wants to read about, as well as writing them well. Create original content and focus on authenticity.

It might be helpful to think about long-term gains rather than short-term results. By creating content with integrity and with the aim of delighting your readership, you will naturally improve your clickthrough rate. You’ll have your material shared more often, which means more readers and happier advertisers.


At MetroCreate, we can help you with all three of the aspects required for starting to sell advertising space in your email newsletters. Get started to turn your email list into a revenue stream that gives added value to your subscribers.

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