Self-Published Author Marketing

Self-Published Authors: Let us Market You!

What’s the easiest solution to problems with self-marketing? Take the self out of it. Let an affordable, expert marketing team do it for you!

If you’re a self-published author, you may suspect that you are not marketing yourself to the full extent. We’re sorry to say this, but, in our experience, you’re probably right.

Promotion and marketing can be challenging. Even more so when you’re balancing marketing with trying to run a business. As well as lacking time to market yourself as much as you need, particularly at the beginning of your career, you may feel awkward talking about yourself. Many authors are introverts and cringe at the idea of bragging about accomplishments, even when they are hard-earned skills and accolades.

At MetroCreate, we know what it takes to shine a spotlight on businesses or individual. We have specialist services for self-published authors. You have done the work of writing and publishing your work; let us handle the marketing while you focus on your next project.

Why Outsource Marketing?

As an author at any stage of your career, your best marketing tool is your next book. Creating books, however, is far from the only marketing activity you should be doing. If only! If you aim to be widely-read and to make some money from your work, you need to market yourself. One of the biggest benefits of having qualified marketing experts behind your writing, therefore, is that you can invest more time doing what you love and what you are already good at – the writing.

Our marketing skills will ensure that your book or books reach a wider audience, earn more sales, and receive more reviews. Being dedicated to marketing, we can hit all angles so that your work and your name will be found in all the relevant locations online.

There are numerous books covering the subject of marketing for authors. We can save you hours of reading, learning, trial and error. Stop worrying about how to market yourself, and spend more time building your backlist.

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

If you want more readers to find you and your books, you need to maximize your visibility. We can handle all aspects of your online presence, including web design, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Many authors become overwhelmed and distracted while attempting to engage with marketing on Facebook and other social media sites. The MetroCreate team is trained to ignore even the cutest cat videos while enhancing success for you and your writing business.

We know how to get your books ranking high in search engine results pages. When we do this for you, you’ll receive more clicks to your website, more customer engagement, and more sales for your writing.

Using social media is a fantastic way to connect with other authors and readers. However, it’s sometimes impossible to make the time to do it right when you’re meant to be making books too. From Facebook to YouTube, we’ll keep your web presence active across social media, boosting your readership and the authority of your brand.

To learn more about how our services can help you reach your marketing goals, click here to get started.

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