Resort Marketing

If you are doing resort marketing, your advertising and marketing strategy need to be flexible and constantly evolving. An effective strategy will mean you get healthy demand throughout the year, not just in the boom months.

When things are slow, use this time to strategize for the future. Rather than trying to get your numbers up in the short term, think of quiet time as an opportunity to make the most of future opportunities.

Before your peak season is a good time to make sure that your internet presence is ready for the coming influx. This means ensuring that your site is up-to-date in terms of:

  • Content: ensure that your details and pricing are accurate, and that you’ve included timely, seasonal blog posts to stimulate interest. With the popularity of video marketing, it makes sense to include video in your campaigns.
  • Usability: your site should have clear navigation and be mobile-ready. More and more web user around the world surf on mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices.
  • Social networks: stay active on social networks to maintain and generate word of mouth.


Seasonal Advertising

We all know that the seasons affect buyer behavior. At certain times of year, consumers have time off and are more likely to book trips for these dates.

While many of these seasonal changes and holidays are obvious, you can tap into some lesser known holidays and inspire new holidaymakers, aligning your messages with new themes that suit your purpose. Check out this calendar of national days for ideas.

In fall, for example, Columbus Day marks a good opportunity to encourage discovery and adventure.

When advertising, make sure to reflect any price differences when you are out of your peak season. It’s normal to charge less during off-peak times, but let your potential visitors know how just much they will be saving.

And promote extras, such as complimentary transfers at certain times of year. If you are aligned with a car rental firm or other local services, you can use deals to encourage bookings at slower times of year.


Advertising Your Services

Rather than delivering a product, you are aiming to deliver a desired experience for your customers. You are providing access to your facilities and the services performed by your staff.

Make an effort to find out which services your customers value most, either with surveys online, email polls, in-person, or by being attentive and analyzing data. You can highlight these areas during the off-season.


Aim to Think Beyond the Norm

If you have facilities that would accommodate a wedding, for example, this could draw customers at any time of year. According to the Real Wedding Study, almost a quarter of couples opt for a destination wedding. With an effective discount or deal in place, you could fill empty rooms with wedding guests.


Running a resort, you will have opportunities to advertise your business in many ways according to your goals and the season. Get started to learn more about how to advertise your resort year round and make the most of your 24/7/365 web presence.

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