Real Estate Marketing

Any business can learn a lot by looking at how other industries do marketing. Don’t forget, however, that some aspects of your marketing are likely to be specific to your industry.

While traditional marketing methods apply to real estate, there are some key factors that will help the marketing efforts of anyone in the real estate industry.

Here’s what it takes to make it in real estate marketing in the digital age.

Make your site mobile friendly.

According to Google, more than half of all search queries come from mobile devices. As devices and their users become more sophisticated, more websites are accessed on the go.

With a real estate business, your site needs to be accessible on the move so that people can check in, ask questions, and find more information when they need it.

You may consider having a mobile application created to serve your customers and potential customers even better. It would also give you new opportunities for engagement.

Maintain Multiple Social Media Profiles

Any Real Estate marketer needs to understand his or her clients. Social media helps marketers gather useful information. With research, it also helps marketers connect with potential customers in the places they gather.

Different social networks appeal to different demographics, so your choice and use of social media is key in building your client list.

Social networks are also good places for getting referrals and sharing testimonials. Make sure that you add social sharing to your property pages so that your visitors can spread the word for you.

Use Video Marketing

Real Estate businesses need to establish trust quickly. Making and sharing video content is a good way to build confidence, as well as engagement. Businesses in the know are likely to be increasing their video budgets in the coming year.

Keep Content Current

It’s not enough to have a website listing key properties that you have sold. Your information needs to be up-to-date to inspire the necessary confidence.

If a property is listed as for sale on your website, it had better be for sale. In the digital age, a mismatch between your web promises and what actually happens can erode trust quickly.

Hiring professional content management can take care of your needs to keep your site current. It can also make sure that you get the top quality content that will boost your site in Google rankings and attract more potential clients. Using a professionally developed lead magnet, for example, you can encourage people to join your mailing list.

Use local images and make them good. It’s no longer enough to have a member of staff taking shots with a cell phone. Hire a pro.

Real Estate marketing requires developing authority and trust, as well as a major focus on your potential customers’ changing needs. It can be a lot to manage all at once, but we can help.

At MetroCreate, we are experts at building your brand. With SEO and search engine marketing, social media management, and automated marketing solutions, we can help you achieve your short-term and long-term marketing goals.

We can even provide logo design and a host of other services to build your authority, to help you connect with your potential customers, and to help you reconnect with your existing clients.

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