PPC and Retargeting Through Google Display Network and Facebook

At one time, thinking of “pay per click” led you to Google Adwords. The Google Display Network allows advertisers to place contextual ads on more than 2 million sites across the web, including YouTube and Gmail. Now, however, in addition to Google, we have another major player in Facebook.

Google could be said to have a wider reach, but some statistics show that Facebook has a higher clickthrough rate. Which is the best performer for your business might depend on your business and your goals. 

Retargeting or Remarketing with Facebook

You may have seen Facebook referring to remarketing as “custom audiences.” These audiences have already been exposed to your product or service.

Sometimes it takes a nudge or a hint to get the purchasing ball rolling again. These reminders on the largest social network in the world can be very effective.

Facebook allows you to reconnect with your audience in three ways.

Customer List – with a customer list, you can target specific customers with customized messages. It works in a similar way to an email list, but via Facebook.

Web Traffic – this is the kind of retargeting where Facebook will serve a business’s ads to customers who have been to their website recently. There are various filters available to create just the right communication with just the right potential customers.

App Activity – Here you can target people based on how they used your app, such as anyone who abandons a shopping cart or achieved a certain level in a game.

Facebook’s user base is in the billions and growing, so it’s a great place for remarketing.

Retargeting or Remarketing with Google Display Network

Retargeting through the Google Display Network uses the same concept as retargeting with Facebook. It works in similar ways.

Google offers five ways of remarketing with Google Adwords.

Standard remarketing – this is where a business shows ads to past visitors to rekindle their desire to act.

Dynamic remarketing – these ads contain specific services/products that potential customers/clients viewed on your website or app.

Remarketing lists for search ads – if a user is doing a follow-up search on Google, Google allows a business to target them with a timely ad.

Video remarketing – this allows businesses to serve ads to people who have interacted with their videos or YouTube channel. The ads are served via YouTube and display network videos, as well as via websites and apps.

Customer list remarketing – By uploading the contact information of customers, a business can serve ads to people when they are signed into Google. The ads are served across a variety of Google’s products.

Familiarity can improve clickthrough and conversion rates. Statistics vary, but most marketers will see that visitors retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert than those viewing display ads for the first time. 

Retargeting is an effective way to improve conversions. And you’ll have a way to reduce the potential for lost business. Click here to get started and combine the power of retargeting with the awesome reach of Google Display Network and/or Facebook.

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