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Our approach is simple. We meet you at your current state of marketing and tailor next steps from there. Our strategies are a mixture of digital and non-digital marketing tactics that are effective and measurable.

The business analysis aspect of marketing consulting is very important as it helps us understand the following key ingredients of your brand:

  1. Target audience
  2. Competition
  3. Digital presence

During this first step we conduct a full SEO audit of your website. We will also study your branding, advertising, and marketing materials.

The second step in the marketing consulting process is to write a plan according to the information gathered in the business analysis phase (step 1). This information is used to identify the who, what, when of reaching the desired business goals.

Upon completion of the marketing strategy you will have the fuel to power your business forward in an organized and measurable way.

Step 3 is the delivery of the marketing strategy and goal setting phase. We’ll sit with you and dissect the strategy section by section answering your questions. At the end of this conversation you will have a clear understanding of how your business stacks up against the competition, our suggestions for reaching your target audience, and a roadmap for attaining your overall business goals.

The marketing strategy will have an entire page of suggested next steps for taking action to reach marketing goals. To ensure success,  we focus in on each suggestion as its own marketing program. Doing this helps attain a higher success rate, and more accurately measure ROI.

Tactic planning is the process of aligning the marketing strategy to any number of digital or non digital marketing functions.

In a nutshell this means:

-> if its decided that part of your first marketing effort is going to be an email acquisition project, the tactic most appropriate  for you would be email marketing, social media, and website landing pages.

MetroCreate offers a full range of services that many people chose for tactic execution.

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