Is Your Logo Consistent with Your Branding?

Is Your Logo Consistent with Your Branding?

Is Your Logo Consistent with Your Branding?

Your branding and logo go hand-in-hand. Each needs to be consistent with the other.

Your logo essentially acts as the face of your company. It’s the first impression you will give potential customers when they are introduced to your business.

Branding is what gives your business personality and is what creates a visual image of what your brand represents. Coca-Cola, for example, has a timeless red and white logo. With careful product branding, promoting a strong community aspect, Coca-Cola has created the ultimate American soft drink, often recognizable by the colors alone.

Over time your logo design may change, as might how you choose to brand your product, but it is important to let your logo and branding evolve together. If your logo and branding do not sync, you will confuse your customer’s, look sloppy and you will ultimately lose credibility.

If your business is an organic juice bar, for example, with an earthy themed logo with neutral tones, it wouldn’t make much sense to create marketing material with neon colors and high-energy visuals. It’s crucial to stay consistent from the beginning.

Here are some tips for maintaining logo and branding consistency.

Create a mood board

A mood board is an arrangement of various things, including images, materials, and text, that evoke a particular style or idea. Doing this will help you put together a clear visual of the tone you want to set with your branding strategy. It can also contribute to generating inspiration for new and creative ideas.

When in doubt about your content, look to your mood board to see whether or not it fits your branding goals.

Decide on color and font schemes

For your branding, use colors and fonts that are similar to those in your logo. You can create a palette of shades and tones that are acceptable for use. Also, think about which fonts could be utilized for different types of content.

Give team members access to files

Make sure that everyone on your team has access to all brand standards and logo files. This is the best way to ensure branding consistency across all areas of your business.

Study your analytics and data insights

Collect as much data as possible from your marketing efforts so you can work out what content is working and what’s not. You might want to try different variations of branding in the beginning and see what your customers respond to best.

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