How to Leverage Promoted Pins in Pinterest

Pinterest says that 175 million people are active on the site every month. Using promoted pins is a great way to get your brand noticed by this growing audience.

Here’s how to leverage promoted pins to make the most of your campaign.


  1. Use Targeting Effectively

Pinterest’s promoted pins allow you to target your audience according to demographics. You can target by language, location, gender, device used, and more.

As with all inbound marketing, the better you know your ideal customer, the better value your campaign can be.

Pinterest will provide information on your projected audience as you develop your campaign. This gives you the opportunity to work out your chances of success before you commit.


  1. Use Your Best Pins to Reach Your Audience

Your pin will be the first thing to get the attention of your audience. Make sure, therefore, that it is high-quality and that it conveys something about your brand, product, or service.

An ideal pin will compel people to interact with it, including sharing it.


  1. Keep Your Eyes on Your Pins

Use Pinterest analytics to monitor the performance of your campaign. You will be able to see impressions, clicks, engagements, and conversion rates.

Use this information and more to tweak your campaign and improve your chances of achieving your objectives.


  1. Align Your Campaign With Holidays

By aligning your campaign with a holiday, you can achieve better results. Christmas, Black Friday, and Easter are favorites for most people, but don’t forget Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day and the changing seasons.

Any reason to celebrate that matches your brand can give you a boost in traffic and motivate people to act on your pins.


  1. Think Long-Term

Think twice about rushing into Pinterest’s bells and whistles to make cash today. Pinterest gives you all the tools you need to build lasting relationships with Pinterest users. It does take time to make your way on Pinterest, but once people start sharing your content, your reach amplifies and the long-term opportunities with a platform that is still growing are exciting.


  1. Use CTAs

Whatever the reason for your campaign, don’t forget to let pinners know. Tell them what you want them to do by using CTA buttons.

Note, however, that Pinterest only allows soft CTAs. You cannot attempt to sell directly, but you should encourage pinners to take action.


If you’re ready to take action, get started to begin optimizing your next campaign.

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