Lead Magnets – What They Are and How Businesses Should Use Them

A lead magnet is a lead-generation tool. It is something of value that is offered in return for a prospect’s contact details. Your lead magnet needn’t be large, but it can be. The most important thing is that you know your audience and that you offer something that they consider to be valuable.

Here are some examples of popular lead magnets:

• A report – It doesn’t have to be long, but you can offer something specific and in-depth that your visitors would like to know more about.
• A guide – If you can help your visitors mitigate or overcome a problem through an attractive, easy-to-use guide, this is a good way to collect email addresses.
• A cheat sheet – These are similar to guides, but characterized by being very short and very specific, often delivered as checklists.
• A toolkit – Got some templates that can help your visitors? You could put them together to create a downloadable toolkit.
• Video Training – Video training is an increasingly popular and effective way to convert prospects.
Whichever lead magnet you offer, consider the following points to make it work for you.
• Know Your Audience – Your work might be wasted if you create a lead magnet that is irrelevant to your audience.
• Be Specific – This is a big one. To create an impact, offer a specific solution to a specific problem.
• Keep it Consumable – You’ve turned your prospect into a lead. Congratulations. You then want your lead to convert into a customer. If he or she is busy consuming a free, 10-week course, however, this could take some time. Make your lead magnet instantly consumable to achieve a quicker turnaround.
• Include the Perceived Value – You might be offering a one-day training. Remember that ‘free training’ doesn’t have as a high a perceived value as the phrase: ‘free training worth $499.’

If you’re not using lead magnets, they could make a dramatic difference to your customer engagement. If you are using lead magnets, re-read these tips to make sure that you are being specific enough in your offering and that your prospects know the value of your download.

Get started to incorporate a high-performing lead magnet into your marketing plan and increase the size of your mailing list.

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