Law Firm Marketing: How to Beat the Competition for Clients Online

Law firms must weather some of the toughest competition for online leads and clients. However, people who are facing charges need representation fast, so they will often turn to the web to find an attorney. This is why targeted content will deliver leads.

Attorneys often specialize, so entire businesses are built on meeting very specific needs, such as supplying DUI / DWI attorneys with potential clients.

Laws often vary from state to state, so useful information and content will automatically localize business to a single area. That’s a good thing.

On the other hand, if the business covers several states, that may not be practical. Putting up an 800 number that people can call to be connected to the right attorney, however, can generate a lot of business.


Purchase Leads from Legal Services Publishers or Aggregators

Legal services marketing agencies use this and other tactics. These agencies may have leads in areas that the firms working with them can’t cover – so they sell the overspill.

By using one of these agencies, a firm can often decide how many leads they would like per month. If the agency generates too many in a given area, they will still need to connect those leads to an attorney, so cost per lead deals are easily negotiated for surplus clients and geographical overspill.


Test Searches for Specific Keywords and Phrases

Paid searching is extremely costly for any legal keywords. Focusing on these is a rookie mistake that can burn through a marketing budget very quickly – without ever getting a quality lead.

To minimize the chance of this happening, it’s better to set up a Cost per Action bid in Google AdWords, and add a pixel to your lead generation form. That way, you can pay up to a certain amount for a form-fill on your website, instead of paying for a click that may or may not convert into a real case.

This is a useful tactic to fall back on when lead numbers are low or the geography is difficult.


Cost and availability are the two overriding factors when competing for legal services leads online. You may well discover others, but it’s always best to seek advice from an expert before launching your campaign.

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