Graphic Design for E-Book Publishing

Graphic Design E-book Publishing

The book cover is the single most powerful marketing tool for many in the world of e-book publishing. It gives readers an instant impression of what the book will be about, who it is for, and what level of quality to expect.

Once the customer has bought the book or is checking out a sample, the quality of your writing will carry most of the weight. Poor interior design, however, is off-putting. It demonstrates a lack of care and attention to the reader.

You may be thinking that you are a writer, not a designer. How are you expected to create a professional layout for your book?

We have experienced e-book designers who will handle all your design needs, from cover to cover. Working with Amazon’s CreateSpace and BookBaby, our role is to design and format e-books to help writers captivate their readers.

Design Considerations for E-Books

Our designers take a lot of factors into consideration when preparing books for digital distribution. Our goal is to follow the necessary technical guidelines from e-retailers while making something beautiful. We aim to enhance the writing and make the reading experience more pleasurable, without the design getting in the way.


Most e-book retailers use thumbnails of book covers on their pages, so your cover design needs to attract attention and explain what the book is about at a glance.

We maximize your sales potential by creating cover designs that are appropriate for your genre, communicate your message, and stand out from the rest of the books on the virtual shelf!


When it comes to the interior, it is essential that the book is viewable across various e-reading platforms. Someone reading your work on a smartphone will have a different experience to someone reading on a home computer.

We make sure that your work can be read easily on any device. Since design should never get in the way of the message being expressed, we’ll make sure to stand back. Our clear designs will let your writing do its job!

From the vivid, high-quality images we use to design your cover, to the font style and spacing choices of your internal material, we will give 100% of our attention to make your book design the best it can be.

To learn more about how our graphic design services can help you reach your e-book goals, click here to get started.

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