Grand Opening Marketing

A grand opening takes planning to make the most of your efforts. It can be hard work and emotionally and financially rewarding. It needn’t be daunting, however, if you prepare well and well in advance.

Here are some points to consider.


Get Your Website in Top Shape

If you are planning a grand opening, one of the first things you should do is make sure that every aspect of your website is covered. Ensure that your content is up-to-date, that your navigation is clear and has no dead links, and that your site is mobile ready.

Whether online or offline, people you draw to your grand opening are valuable visitors and potential customers, so don’t let anyone wander away without having the opportunity to connect with you online, either via an email list or social media.


Soft Launch

It might sound counterintuitive, but you can make your business open to the public before your grand opening. In fact, it’s wise to do a soft opening or soft launch to iron out any early issues before the crowd arrives for the grand opening.


Build Awareness Early

There are many ways to build awareness of your new products or service. You should make the most of as many of them as you can.

Through promotions, local press, Facebook and Google ads, social media, and more, you can reach many people and often with stunning precision. Just because it’s a grand opening, doesn’t mean that you should attract large numbers of people who are not interested in what you are doing.

Make a priority list of your top marketing methods, but try to cover as many angles as you can.

And make sure that your ads are running long before your event. Familiarity and repeat views should improve your success rates.


Create Not Only Awareness, But Also Excitement

Use your your unique selling point to create a buzz. Is your store the first of its kind? Are you providing a service in a new way? Are you offering deep discounts or giving something away at the grand opening?

The newness of what you are doing will also be enticing to people. The words “grand opening” will go part of the way toward creating anticipation. Finish the job by announcing what is special about you and how visitors can benefit by being there on day one.



Organizing a grand opening is a good opportunity to connect with other businesses that are complementary to yours. These businesses can provide you with referrals and opportunities for collaboration.

The ambition and style of your grand opening will help you to interest the press and influencers, whose in turn will make your opening even more exciting. If you want big crowds, dare to think big. Don’t be afraid to invite big names.


Check Your Resources

Make sure that you can cope with the demand your grand opening generates. Whether this means laying on extra parking or ensuring that your servers can cope with an influx of visitors and downloads, make sure that everything will work as it should. This will help you create not only a positive first impression but a great lasting impression too.


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