2018 Digital Marketing Forecast

The digital marketing world is constantly changing, Predicting the future can be a risky business for gamblers and experts. For businesses, anticipating how things will be in the months ahead is a necessary part of remaining competitive and thriving in an ever-changing market.

Here are some of the top trends that industry experts anticipate on the horizon:

Increased use of Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions are already helping consumers navigate a complex world. Applications will continue to use analytics to learn about consumers and predict their needs. Companies that are already benefiting from ‘machine learning’ will be first off the blocks when it comes to satisfying the evolving needs of their customers.

Speed is of the essence

Consumers expect communication to be fast. Increasingly, customers want that upgraded to instant. What was once a desire, is now a necessity.

Social channels like Snapchat and  Instagram satisfy this need, and more businesses will be following suit. Businesses that communicate and deliver the fastest will have an advantage.

Deeper, niche sites

There is so much information on the web that sites that satisfy niche areas or curate content for niche areas are likely to do well as consumers aim to satisfy ever more specific needs.

Modern consumers are adept at performing research to make buying decisions. Since businesses know this, more and more professionals are aiming to establish themselves as thought leaders. Their influence on consumers is growing. The future will see more specialization and more figures on the web taking deep dives into their subjects.

More considerate promotions and advertising

Generation Z is predicted to continue the trend of dissatisfaction with intrusive advertising, such as pop-up ads, large banner ads, and other messages that interrupt web browsing and social media feeds.

In 2017, more businesses will be focusing on how to increase brand awareness and promote products without being pushy or salesy. SEO and content marketing is ideal in this respect. Through their SEO content and more, businesses will focus on the customer experience, and fostering positive word of mouth.

Customer experience management

Although technology and consumer trends evolve, some aspects change less frequently than others. One of these is the importance of how customers feel when they interact with your business and its representatives.

No matter what trends you anticipate and prioritize for 2017, don’t lose sight of where your customer fits into your business. In most cases, this is right in the center. Do everything you can to learn more about your customers. Make their experience with your business the best it can be.

Get started to learn more about the how digital marketing can help you reach more of the right customers, now and in the future.

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