What is Conversion Tracking and Why it is Important

Conversions are the backbone of turning website page views into success, whether you are counting success as sales or business leads, or even positive interactions such as a social media ‘likes.’

If you are not tracking your conversions, you are missing out on valuable data that can help inform your marketing decisions and make your business even more successful.

How to Handle Conversion Tracking

Tools like Google Analytics make conversion tracking easy. With analytics in place, all you have to do is decide what metrics to follow, based on your own idea of what an important conversion looks like.

For example, some businesses put a strong focus on return visitor conversion. If someone is coming back to your page, there is clearly something driving them to do so, and you can use that information to increase the number of returning visitors, and their conversions.

Another key metric for most companies is the bounce rate. This shows how often visitors click away without interacting. A high bounce rate suggests a low conversion rate, so this metric is important. If you can reduce your bounce rate, your conversions will probably rise.

Why Conversion Tracking is Important

When you see what turns a marketing technique into a valuable conversion, you can repeat that scenario over and over again. For instance, if certain keywords seem to work well to create conversions, you can generate more content with the same keywords for SEO purposes, thus expanding your chances of bringing new people to your site, and creating more conversions.

It is also important to track this data so you can see what your cost per conversion is. If you are spending too much on converting customers, it may be time to change your tactics to something more cost effective.

Improving your conversions can be as simple as making your site more accessible and easy to navigate, creating a new digital marketing technique that helps your company stick out in people’s minds, or working on your search engine optimization tactics to ensure that your company appears high on search engine results pages.

Once you have gotten into conversion tracking, you should be able to see what is working for you and what needs improvement. Then you can direct your resources toward bettering your conversion rate.

Get started to begin tracking your conversions and increase engagement on your website.

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