How Businesses Can Build a Following Through Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest receives 175 million visitors per month. About 9 out of every ten pinners use Pinterest to plan future purchases and about the same number have purchased a product as a result of the social media channel.

With almost a third of all social media users on the site, it’s worth checking it out if you want to build a following. If your marketing is aimed at female millennials, you should certainly take a look! Advertising through Pinterest is a good way to connect with potential fans.


Promoted Pins

Advertising on Pinterest occurs in the form of ‘promoted pins.’ One of the great things about these is that they not only perform just as well as or even better than organic pins, but they do not interrupt the user experience either. Unlike banner ads or pop-ups, they are unintrusive.

They are smart enough to be helpful to Pinterest’s users, and they are clearly marked as sponsored or promoted content so that users do not feel tricked into clicking.

The result is that paying for promoted pins can help you make connections with Pinterest’s users. If you have a message that you can communicate visually, that is also helpful and actionable, you can see great results.


Pinterest Advertising Success Stories

Many marketing success stories are noted on Pinterest to encourage marketers to take part. Among them are “Land of Nod,” which used what they refer to as “always on” marketing to increase their reach. effectively used Pinterest advertising to increase high-quality traffic, and Burberry used Pinterest ads to launch their new product: Cat Lashes Mascara.

Whatever your product or service, it’s worth taking a look at Pinterest categories to see if there is an audience waiting to connect with you. Even Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros have used Pinterest, to promote a blockbuster movie.


How Pinterest Advertising Works

You can increase exposure of certain pins by promoting them. This works on a cost-per-click basis. As with Facebook, you specify the budget and the duration, and you can target locations, demographics, and devices.

You pay when someone clicks through the pin to your site. Monitoring and tweaking your campaign on the fly is possible.

One of the best things about a promoted pin campaign is that users can save your pin. This means that even after your campaign is over, many people can continue to see your ad. They could potentially do so for years.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve sales, boost traffic, or more, many marketers have found Pinterest advertising to be useful for connecting with their target audience and building relationships.


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