Real Estate Marketing

Any business can learn a lot by looking at how other industries do marketing. Don’t forget, however, that some aspects of your marketing are likely to be specific to your industry. While traditional marketing methods apply to real estate, there are some key factors that will help the marketing efforts of anyone in the real […]

The Future of Bitcoin and Ecommerce

The future of Bitcoin is pretty much assured. It is being adopted by large online merchants. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s not too late to catch up, but you should start now. The influence of Bitcoin has been growing steadily. It is increasingly accepted, and it’s here to stay. Rather than think of […]

Restaurant Marketing with MetroCreate

If you’re in the restaurant business, you’ll know that competition is fierce. For some, the pressure to outperform can be relentless, and it can be hard to generate the business that you and your staff deserve. Although your restaurant may be on the street, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy will help you get ahead of […]

Why Your Website Needs to Have a Security Certificate

Google Search Listings Will Warn Users If Your Site is Unsecured Google has been gradually increasing its crackdown on unsecured sites. If your site collects passwords or credit card information and remains HTTP, you may already have seen the warnings that appear to visitors, telling them that the site is not secure. From 18 October […]

What Are Webmaster Tools? And Why Are They Important?

Webmaster tools are a must for any website owner who is looking to expand his or her reach. Google Webmaster Tools is the most common, and most widely used, but Bing Webmaster Tools should not be ignored, in conjunction with Google’s offerings. Used effectively, these webmaster tools can give you valuable insight into how your […]

What are Social Insights?

If you have a web presence, you should have a social media presence, too. The need to track metrics extends to your social media accounts! Social media analytics, or social insights, let you know more about your social media followers so that you can tailor your marketing for success. Some Examples of Social Insights Most […]

What is Conversion Tracking and Why it is Important

Conversions are the backbone of turning website page views into success, whether you are counting success as sales or business leads, or even positive interactions such as a social media ‘likes.’ If you are not tracking your conversions, you are missing out on valuable data that can help inform your marketing decisions and make your […]

Facebook’s New Video Header Option

A video header or cover video is a video version of your cover photo on Facebook. Creating one is a great way to draw attention to your brand and delight your audience.   Why Use a Video Header? Happy with your static cover photo? It might be just right for your audience. However, according to […]