Big Changes Coming to Twitter

Big Changes Coming to Twitter

Twitter is currently in a transition phase. Hundreds of employees who have been laid off recently already know this. As will users of Vine, who have learned that their 6-second video-sharing app is to be shut down and replaced with … nothing.

If you use Twitter, you may have seen that they have been experimenting with different ways to allow you to get more characters into your tweets. Images, for example, no longer count towards your 140 characters.

The latest changes so far?

A Quality Filter

This will prevent automated mentions clogging up your notifications tab. It doesn’t apply to people you follow or have interacted with recently, potentially making it an effective way of streamlining your Twitter experience. It’s also intended to cut down on harassment by limiting the number of notifications people receive in certain circumstances.

It’s unlikely to affect your posts that are sent with a scheduling tool, however.

No more Twitter handles

Yes, that’s right. But how do you keep track of who a message is written o if their handle doesn’t appear in it? Someone will have to get back to you on that one.

The idea, of course, is that people will be able to express more in 140 characters, allowing for richer conversations and encouraging people to attach media.

As we said, it’s experimental.

Speaking of which, what other changes are on the horizon?

Selective muting

Twitter has a poor reputation when it comes to regulating personal abuse. There are signs that Twitter will introduce a powerful muting feature to counteract the bad press and to protect its users.

The feature would allow users to blacklist certain words or phrases from appearing in their timelines.

Note that this means users can blacklist hashtags, like #ad, #promo, and #sponsored. Businesses will have to be more creative if they want people to see their ads.

Separate Timelines

As in Tweetdeck and similar apps, Twitter users may soon be able to create ‘event timelines’ within Twitter itself, allowing them to curate tweets based on a certain topic. The idea is that you will no longer have to hunt for tweets on a hot topic, because you can collate them in a separate timeline.

These are uncertain times for Twitter. Its users and supporters should be encouraged by the fact that they are taking affirmative action to protect their users and to make their app more appealing to investors.

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