Advertising in Newspapers, Still Worth It?

We’ve all seen how the internet changed the news media. The news is now delivered faster than ever, with moment to moment updates. It has become much easier to access and, for the most part, it remains free.

Unsurprisingly, huge numbers of readers moved online for their news and so did advertisers.

Advertising space in newspapers remains expensive. It is limited in comparison when you consider the opportunities for reaching an audience online, including sophisticated tools that allow you to target your audience according to demographics and psychographics.

You can tweak an ad campaign while it is running to make the most impact and get the best ROI. And you can A/B test, running two versions of your ad, which can be very helpful for the success of your campaign.

In 2012, Google’s advertising revenue was more than US newspaper and print advertising revenue combined. So is it ever a good idea to advertise in print newspapers?

The answer is simple.

Does your ideal audience read newspapers?

Most people open a browser tab or unlock their cell phone when they need information, but someone is still reading newspapers. If he or she is your customer, then think seriously about print advertising in a paper.

Online offers many benefits over print advertising. It even caters for local search. Print advertising in newspapers, however, can still be an effective part of a larger marketing plan that includes a digital aspect.

You might target a newspaper based on where it is distributed. If you run a local business, then the argument for print advertisement becomes increasingly compelling. In this case, advertising your business in a popular newspaper can make good sense.

Take into account the demographic of the people who read the paper too and you’ll soon get an idea of whether it is worth advertising or not.

If your ideal customers are reading print newspapers, it’s worth testing the effectiveness of an ad. And despite popular perception, there are ways to track your ROI with print ads. They are not as accurate as online methods, but you can get an idea of how your marketing spend on print advertising is working out.

Keep your options open. We’ll help you identify and carry out the marketing activities that work for you, your customers, and your potential customers.


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