Thursday July 27, 2017
By Eric Wing

Adobe recently announced that by the end of 2020 Flash will no longer be supported or distributed by Adobe.  Education and business stand to be hit hardest by this shift, as there are entire sectors of the education field that depend on Flash videos for classes and instruction, and businesses who have built their brand using the consumer engagement capabilities provided by Flash. 

While this is not too much of a shock for those in the tech world because of long term security concerns and incompatibility issues with many mobile and tablet devices, an important question remains: What does this mean for small businesses who have used Flash to interact with customers via the web? 

For starters, HTML5 has come a long way, and when used with CSS3 or JavaScript, can deliver nearly all of the benefits conferred by Flash without the security risks. The use of .gifs is another way to get around the need for Flash, and as you have likely already seen around the web, .gifs are increasingly being used to engage with potential customers.

For the small business owner, this means that they now must rely on web development that has expertise with not only HTML5 but CSS3 or JavaScript. This doesn’t have to be an impossible task! Replacing Flash and making user-friendly updates is now easier than ever, and more and more development firms are capable of delivering this much-needed service. 

Thinking of waiting? If you are a small business owner, waiting until 2020 to finally take action might be a bad idea.  By 2019 support for Flash will be almost completely phased out, and by then, your website will risk appearing outdated, difficult to use, and poorly designed.  As more consumers turn to the internet to find out about potential products and companies, you will risk the confidence of your current customers and take on the added risk of potentially losing new ones. 

When you decide to upgrade your business website, you will need to find an experienced firm that can offer website solutions to suit your needs.  There are several firms that can help, but when you start shopping around, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Can the development firm work with both HTML5 and CSS3 or JavaScript?
2) What does their portfolio look like?  Does anything in it look similar to what you are looking for?
3) Do they have experience with transitioning business websites from using mostly Flash to using HTML5 and CSS3 or JavaScript? 

Need help making the transition? MetroCreate has been working to help businesses carve out their presence on the web since 2008, and in addition to providing excellent and responsive customer service, we are experienced in helping businesses make this transition away from Flash.  We are also a BBB Accredited Business and pride ourselves on making sure that every job is done well.