6 Tips for Growing an Email Subscriber List

Even if you feel like you have a healthy subscriber list, it needs constant attention. The average email marketing database experiences a churn of around 22.5% per year as people unsubscribe, or change or abandon their email addresses.

You need to keep adding fresh email addresses to your list to keep it in good shape. Here are 6 ways to do this:

  1.  Ask your subscribers to spread the word
    You don’t have to do all the work. People who like your list will share it for you … if you ask them. Even people who don’t like your list might be able to think of others who would. Make sure to include social sharing buttons or an ‘email to a friend’ link in each of your marketing emails.
  1.  Make it easy
    In addition to sharing buttons, include a ‘Subscribe’ button and a relevant call-to-action in every marketing email. Potential subscribers who receive these emails, forwarded by someone in their network, can then subscribe themselves with a single click.
  1.  Include ‘subscribe’ links across your platforms
    Access to your email list does not need to take place on a dedicated page of your website. Your subscribe link can and should appear throughout your website and on your social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIN. It can appear in your business’s email signatures, in your mailing list emails themselves, and even in your offline promotional material.
  1.  Create great content
    The content you send to your email subscribers should be so good that people would miss it if you went away. Be honest. Is yours?
  1.  Create a lead generating offer
    Offer your visitors are shiny new ebook or whitepaper. All they need to do to download it instantly is to provide their email address by signing up. Ebooks and whitepapers can be quick and easy to create, but they can have great perceived value.
  1.  Don’t buy email lists
    Buying contacts is short-term thinking. Reputable marketing firms do not sell email lists. In addition, you’ll have to work with these disreputable companies every time you send a marketing email, meaning that you won’t really own the list at all. Most importantly, in terms of your marketing, the people on the list will have no existing relationship with you, which will make a dramatic difference to the engagement you can expect.

Your email subscriber list is a powerful asset. To learn more about how to get more subscribers and how to keep them engaged with stellar content, click here to get started.

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