2017 Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Have your predictions for 2017 come true? How have your digital marketing goals for 2017 worked out so far?

When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, there’s still time. Here is a look at what is trending in 2017.


Video Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have all invested heavily in video marketing. Their work has made social media platforms the go-to location for sharing video content in the hope of gaining exposure and converting customers.

Done well, a video is immediate, lively, and entertaining. It can also be quick to produce. Depending on your business, video can be created and shared via smartphone. It’s a fast way to communicate branding messages and to connect with potential customers.

Where it once seemed something of a novelty, video marketing has become the norm. Don’t jump on this trend, however, just for the sake of it. Think about the quality requirements of your video, which varies from business to business. And consider the messages you are delivering. Are they appropriate to your brand and your customers?



With live-streaming, businesses have been engaging with their customers in an entertaining and dynamic way. Customers and potential customers can experience a brand and get a look behind the scenes, making the business more than just another organization, but a group of people with identities and shared ideals.

Streaming has added excitement, exclusivity, and novelty to video sharing. What businesses do with this technology is still evolving.

While live streaming is a more recent addition to the arsenal available to the modern marketer, it has moved out of the novelty stage and is becoming established as a normal way to engage with customers. These visitors enjoy the immediacy and authenticity of live streaming, which is lacking in other forms of content.


Mobile Domination

Businesses are catching on to the rise of mobile and mobile search. Optimizing websites for the web isn’t as bad as it might first sound and results in more happy customers who can access products, services, and information when and where they wish.

Modern marketing focuses on the consumer and his or her experience. It stands to reason then that more businesses are attempting to engage consumers via the devices they prefer to use.


If you’re not participating in these trends, why not? Consider whether or not they are right for your business or your customers. Otherwise, you and your customers might be missing out.

Get started to learn more about the marketing methods working for businesses in 2017 and how they can work for you.

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